Changes in 2017

I’m not a big fan of New Years resolutions.  The truth is, we should always be aiming to improve and growing into better people.  However, there are many things I have been wanting to change in my life for sometime, but have felt tethered by life from accomplishing them.  Things are changing, and it’s time for me to change too!

So, with the changes in my life I’m going to work on making the following changes to my life:

  1. More Reading!  I have not enjoyed reading much in the years following college.  The shear volume of books and intense schedule of the time grew in me a fear of books.  In the intervening years I have referred to myself as a Bibliophobe, but in this last year I did something extraordinary (for me anyway, you will perhaps not find it so) I read 7 books!  That’s 7 more than I had read in the preceding 5 years!  And so, this year I am resolved to read at least 1 book a month (12 total).
  2. Less TV.  I am disgusted at how much TV I watch.  The new fad (and I know I’m not the only one that does this) is binge watching.  Where once we used to watch a show once a week over the course of years, now we watch the whole show in a matter of days.  I don’t like how antisocial this makes me nor how much of my life it consumes.  So I will be greatly reducing the number of hours I allow TV and Movies in my life.
  3. More Experimenting!  I want to add an experiment a month to my routine.  An experiment (for my purposes) only means something I’ve never done before.  It can be scientific, crafty, adventurous, or a matter of another kind.
  4. More devotional!  In Christianity, the husband is commanded to love and lead his wife in Spiritual matters.  I have not been so good at this.  So, it is my goal to do daily devotions with my wife and guide us both to a stronger relationship with Jesus.
  5. Less social media.  I have been consumed more and more with Facebook.  It has been an integral part of my job these last few years.  As I move into a role where that is no longer necessary, I would like to cut back my social media presence drastically.  Instead of hours of facebook a day, I’d like it to be minutes.
  6. Blogging & Socializing!  As I make these changes to my life, it is important to me that I remain connected to my friends and family who choose to remain in the social media world.  Therefore, I will blog about my life and hope that you will comment here, call, text, email me so that you and I can remain connected.  We will still be doing our normal monthly game night, and you are invited as always.

I’m certain there are many more ways in which I will be changing my life as the time ticks on.  For instance I know I want to fix the motorcycle in the garage, go on more frequent hikes, get in better shape, et cetera.  But the list above is a good starting place for all the changes I wish to make.  So beginning January 3rd, 2017, I will make these changes active and do my best to keep up with this blog as the year winds on.

I have 12 books to read this next year, and have 0 of them chosen.  What would you recommend I read in the new year?  Let me know in the comments.