Experiment #1 Building a Backpack

For January’s experiment, I thought I’d start off with something entirely different, sewing a backpack.  I’ve been frustrated with the bags we have when riding my motorcycle, so it’s time to make something better.  Sure, I could go out and buy one, but they’re expensive and predesigned.  So I’m going to make my own, designed solely by me, to meet my needs.

I’m going to make it from canvas and a fake leather (real leather would set me back more than buying a motorcycle backpack).  You can see the materials below:


For those of you who are experienced with sewing, you may be wondering what those needles are doing in the picture… I’m going to hand sew my bag.  Everyone I’ve mentioned this to has called me crazy.  And perhaps I am.  That’s all part of trying an experiment.  The truth is hand sewing is much stronger than machine sewing… when a thread snags and breaks on modern clothing and you yank it, it unravels.  But if a thread snags on something hand sew and you pull the thread, you’ll actually cause the whole seam to cinch up even tighter.

What do you think?  Am I crazy?  Let me know below!


7 thoughts on “Experiment #1 Building a Backpack

    • Thanks! I don’t have a good thimble yet, the only one in our house is a cheap plastic one. We’ll see how it goes, I may have to go get a nice one. I’m using a leather needle, which is nice and fat, and in practice hasn’t caused me pain… but practice is nothing like the real thing. 😉


      • It has to be metal, and it should fit well. If you have long nails, there are open-ended ones. The indentations should be deep enough to stop the needle from slipping. They’re almost all very circular, keep in mind that they can be flattened a bit for a better fit. My fave thimble was a bit tight when I bought it, but then I pushed it into a more oblong shape and now the fit is great. I also have a leather thimble with a metal insert that I use a lot, especially when I have a bit of hand sewing to do. Leather has much better breathability than metal, lol. Sweat fingertips are a thing, believe it or not. The leather also aids in getting a good grip on the needle if it’s a bit hard to pull through.

        I saw a great post about thimbles a while ago, I’ll see if I can find it for you…


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