Book #1 The Chamber of Secrets

I read my first book of the year in 3 days!  Granted it was a kids book, and shallow, but nonetheless I read a book!  Harry Potter is like a softball to my reading goals.  I only have a few books picked out for the year (so far) and one of them is 1000 pages longer and at a much higher reading level than Harry Potter.

I’m committing to myself to read The Way of Kings, by Brandon Sanderson in February.  It’s daunting, at 1252 pages of much smaller print (and no pictures), it could take some effort to get through in a short 28 day month.  However, it was given to me by a good friend and comes highly recommended by several other friends, so I will plunge in with glee…

The truth is I’ve liked the Sanderson books I’ve read before (the Legion series and the first three Mistborn books), and I’m excited to read this book.  It’s just that every book I’ve tried to read over 1000 pages has bored my be the mid point and I’ve failed to finish.  Granted Les Misérables & The Count of Monte Cristo are both classics and have translation issues and word choices that you have work through, whereas The Way of Kings was written in English and will be much more approachable.  But it still plays on my bibliophobia, I’d hate to have another book thrown in the pile of books I couldn’t finish.


Book Review – The Chamber of Secrets


Don’t let the title of this post confuse you.  The Chamber of Secrets is the second in the Harry Potter series; it’s just the first book of the year on my quest to read a book a month.

If you haven’t read Harry Potter before, you probably should.  Steph gave me the first one as a Christmas Eve present, and I read it easily by the 27th.  J.K. Rowling writes in an easy to read style chock full of wonderful British sayings!  (You can’t go wrong with British vocabulary!)  Each book takes place over the course of a year, and Rowling is really good at moving the story along without drawing too much attention to it.  She’s also able to bring awe to the story both by drawing attention to awesome things and by ignoring them.

Having seen the movies prior, I was not shocked at the turning of events.  These first two books line up nearly perfectly with the movies, with only one scene being done differently (if my memory can be trusted).  Steph thinks I might be remembering it wrong, but I’m sure (spoiler alert) that our little house elf gets his sock slightly differently between book and movie.  It’s quite possible I do remember it wrong, as I definitely forgot some of the major plot points in this story.

I only wish I had read the books first, I don’t like how hard it is to rid myself of the memory of the character’s faces and actions.  The imagination is much more craftily utilized when it doesn’t have direct resources to draw from.

Have ideas on what I should read next?  Let me know!


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