Building a Backpack part II


I’ve been taking the backpack building slowly, not because of a  lack a plan, but more because I bought some special buckles and it’s taking them forever to ship to my house from Mars (presumably).  So far, I’ve built the outline of the bag (above) and one pocket.


You may notice the top seam of the pocket is not yet sewn, that is because I’ve decided to use snaps to hold it shut, and I’m waiting to choose the color of the snaps until the buckles arrive.

The buckles I bought are an antiqued brass metal.  So they should be ruddy and match the pack.  It took them a week before they shipped and here we are a week later and they haven’t arrived yet.  I’ll be attaching the pocket sometime this weekend.  It is 15″ wide so it will go at the bottom of the main flap seen above.  (Though the back is currently inside out, so good pictures of its location may not be in the next update.)


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