Recipe: Arroz con Pollo

Steph and I are terrible at keeping an organized recipe catalog in our home.   Oh, we have plenty of cook books and fantastic recipes, but when we find one we like, we often forget to keep a record of it in a safe place.  So in an effort to keep a record of the best recipe’s we’ve discovered, I’m going to write them into my blog.  That means you get to benefit!

One of the best dishes I’ve surprised Steph with is Arroz con Pollo.  And while the original recipe I found is good, it has some short comings, like not making enough seasoning for the chicken and a tendency for the rice to come out undercooked if you don’t do things perfectly.   I’ve modified the recipe a bit and you can find it below.  For purists, a link to the original recipe can be found at the end.

Arroz con Pollo is a dish of Spanish heritage.  As such you’ll find it full of delicious flavoring!  I was amazed when I made this the first time, the flavor was so amazing and the effort it took was pretty minimal (by most people’s standards).  It’s hard to beat an easy recipe with delicious flavoring and good portion sizes!  I hope you’ll give this recipe a try and report back on the success of any modifications you try.

Now, I’m about to share one of our favorite recipes with you, but before I do, let me give you a challenge.  See this picture:


These are all the spices in our kitchen that we don’t seem to use.  I’d like to go through these this year, but I need help!  What can we possibly make with these ingredients that will be delectable to our palates?  The spices in this picture are:

Herbs de Providence, Saffron, Mild Curry Powder, Cardamom, Cayenne (this one is a mistake, we go through it just fine), Whole Nutmeg, Turmeric, Coriander, Curry (yes two bottles of curry, you can see we’ve made curry twice in our marriage…) Harrissa, Garden Salad, Ground Nutmeg, Ground Ginger, and Ground Coriander.

Do these ingredients spark your imagination or reverberate your memories?  Shoot us a recipe in the comments below!

Arroz con Pollo


Time – 90 minutes

Skill – None

Servings – about 4

Cost – $10 or less (unless you don’t have any spices, in which case I pity your kitchen.)


Chicken Rub

4 teaspoons salt

1 teaspoon dried cumin

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper


8 serving sized pieces of chicken – skinless

3  tablespoons vegetable oil

1 onion diced

2 bell peppers diced (choose your favorite colors!)

1 1/2 teaspoons salt (skip this if using bouillon cubs for the stock)

1 1/2 cups rice

2 cloves garlic finely diced

1 1/2 cups low sodium chicken stock

1/2 cup tomato sauce



I’m a big fan of Mise en Place.  I can’t make a meal without getting all the steps done ahead of time.  If you’re like me it helps to break down those steps first and organize them on the counter.  Steph makes fun of me for how bad my Mise en Place needs are.  So many of you more skilled cooks might ignore the ordering of this, but I find it helps me a great deal to know that everything is ready long before I need it to be.

Mix chicken rub ingredients and spread on plate.

Dice all fruits and vegetables and set aside.

Place rice and garlic in a container to the side.

Begin dissolving your bouillon cubes in water or if using a real stock, measure out the appropriate amount and add in the teaspoon of salt.  If using bouillon cubes for the stock, don’t add additional salt.  Combine the water, stock, and tomato sauce in a medium bowl.

Pat the chicken dry and then thoroughly coat with rub.  Heat the oil in a 12-inch high-sided skillet over high heat until hot but not smoking.  The skillet size is important as all the ingredients will be placed in the skillet covered.  Add the chicken to the pan and brown on all sides ~ 3 – 6 minutes per side. Transfer the chicken to a plate, using tongs.  Reduce heat to medium high and add the fruits, vegetables, and 1/2 teaspoon salt to the skillet.  Cook while stirring, until soft ~ 7 minutes.  Add the rice and garlic cooking until rice begins to turn gold in color ~ 60 seconds.  Add the water/stock mixture to the skillet and stir to make sure the rice is covered in liquid.  Nestle the chicken in the rice, adding any juices from the plate.  Bring the rice to a boil. Reduce the heat to medium-low and cover. Cook until the chicken is cooked through, the rice is tender and most of the liquid is absorbed ~ 35 minutes.  It’s important to not remove the cover during this portion or the rice won’t cook through.  Let the skillet stand covered for 10 minutes before serving.

Find the original recipe here.


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