Review: The Half-Blood Prince

32402The Half-Blood Prince is without a doubt one of my least favorite books in this series.  It takes 50-60% of the book for any action to really develop.  The beginning of the book is just so slow that it’s boring.  It’s not as though that boring content is pointless.  I think Rowling did a decent job of making all points of the story come together to tell a consistent story, it’s just uninteresting.  I became tired of Harry’s inability to do anything back in book four and the majority of this story is Harry sitting around and talking to people, but not doing anything.

It’s interesting too, because as I read it I could recognize far more key scenes in this book than in the previous five combined.  What I mean is, I knew ahead of time from having seen the movies that there are 4 or 5 key scenes in this book that were coming up, but I had no idea they would all happen in the second half of the book and that absolutely no development would happen in the first half.  This might be why the book felt so slow.  I was eagerly waiting the cool scenes from the second half and had no patience for the lulls that permeated the first half.

On the positive side, we do continue to see some good character developments in side characters throughout the book.  And we learn more about the magical systems in this world.

Overall, I give this book three stars.

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