Review: The Deathly Hallows


I finally finished J.K. Rowling’s heptalogy, Harry Potter!  I read the entirety of this book in two days, so you know I enjoyed it.  Life got busy afterwards and so it took a couple weeks to get to writing this, which has been beneficial for clear evaluation.  I can honestly say that much of the joy of reading this final book comes from how invested I was in the series.  When you’ve read six books already, it’s kinda hard to not finish the story.  You really want to know what happens to the characters, and that shows some good writing skills on Rowling’s part.

There are certainly parts of this story I like, and parts that I think are just poorly written.  As I was reading it, I counted no less than three coincidences that led to the culmination of the story.  The absence of any one of them would have resulted in a very different ending to the story (SPOILER:  I.E. the bad guys would have won).

Now don’t get me wrong, I like a good coincidence and I recognize that life is full of seeming coincidences that lead us down that path we live.  Someone else quits a job so you have that dream opening to apply for; or someone pulls out of a parking spot right as you pull in allowing you to snag the closest spot to the store.  These things happen, but if we’re honest they don’t happen with as much gravity and frequency in real life as they do in this final book.  And that difference makes the story unbelievable.  (Funny I’d say that about a book full of Magic, but magic is more believable than these coincidences due to the rules and structure it follows.  Random happenstance that hands you a first place trophy in the Olympics… that just doesn’t happen.)

If you’re looking for a lighthearted book of fantasy and adventure, Harry Potter is a good series, but if you’re looking for meat and potatoes fantasy with a believable (though fantastical) story, this may not be the series to invest in.

Overall I give this book 3 stars.

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